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Caring For Your Tie


Oops . . . Treating Stains:

Never treat stains with stain remover. Instead,take your tie to a local dry cleaner. While dry cleaning will remove the stain, it may also affect the look and feel of your tie so be extra careful to keep your tie clean.

Stubborn Wrinkles?

Try holding the narrow end of the tie with your thumb and wrap the wide end around your hand. Place the wrapped tie aside for a few hours to allow the tie time to “relax.”

Never Yank:

When removing your tie, pay special attention to the knot. Hastily yanking your tie from your neck will damage your tie.

Have Tie, Will Travel:

Don’t let your tie suffer wear and tear during travel. It is recommended that you roll your tie and place it in your shoes. If you haven’t packed a pair of shoes, try folding your tie in fours and sliding it inside a coat pocket or a sock.

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